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December 22, 2014, 3:00 PM

The NABA Blog

As I work with and visit our NABA churches, I occasionally see/hear of common issues many of you face.  As time allows, I will attempt to address some of these and possibly help with better understanding through the use of the NABA blog and this website.  Some of what appears on these virtual pages will be from my own experience and study, some will be the reproducton or re-introduction of concepts from people much smarter that me.

It is my hope this will accomplish a few things:

  • It might give you some insight into my heart, my vision, and my thought on ministry (whether good or bad).
  • It might give you access to some information that helps you in your work.
  • Or, it might even give you something to which you can point others without having to address them yourself.  (In other words, I can be the bad guy for you - or some other author.)

Whatever the case, you will occasionally see musings, quotes, or well-thought-out essays here over the next weeks, months or years.  I hope it helps.

Some more "deep thoughts from the shallow end,"

Bob J.


01-13-2015 at 4:20 PM
Alan Brown
looks great
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