Mission Development Team

The Missions Development Team is one of three leadership teams that is part of the North Arkansas Baptist Association.  Made up of 12 members from churches across the association, the Missions Development Team directs our association in the following areas:

  • Church Planting - Our association under the leadership of the Missions Development Team and in cooperation with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention helps in the planting of local churches in our area.  Church plants are considered based upon demographics and need in relation to an unreached geographical area or people group.
  • Mission Endeavors - NABA employs an "Acts 1:8" approach to our various missions opportunities.  As it says, we seek to share the gospel message as witnesses "in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." (NKJV)  This approach manisfests itself in
    • Local Missions (Jerusalem) - Our plan is to target at least one NABA community per year for some type of ministry in that area including block parties, evangelism, and other approaches.
    • State Missions (Judea) - The Arkansas Baptist State Convention sponsors a variety of evangelistic and ministry events such as Acts 1:8 One Day Missions, church plants, etc.  Our association will partner with the state convention in these events and send volunteers from our churches to help.
    • North American Missions (Samaria) - Part of the Acts 1:8 philosophy is to provide missions experiences at a reasonable cost to our volunteers and without major cultural obstacles.  With the idea that "everyone is a missionary," we will often partner with communities or church plants in the United States or Canada to help with construction, medical or dental, evangelism, or other ministry opportunities.
    • International Missions (End of the earth) - The final area of this approach is international missions around the world.  NABA helps sponsor groups and pastors to do ministry in a wide variety of regions and to different people groups through the entire globe.  Over the past several years, NABA "missionaries" have shared in India, West Africa, Israel, various parts of Central America, Mexico, Peru and other South American nations, and Indonesia.

Partners in Ministry​
On occasion it will be the goal of the NABA to partner with specific areas of need or people groups and provide ministry and mission opportunities through those contacts to the members of our area churches. 

For more information about our partners in missions work, check out our affiliations link at the top of the page.